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Hamlet Gevorgyan was born in 1974 in Gyumri. His family was from Moush. He grew up and educated in Yerevan. Finished Yerevan secondary school number 113 and simultaneously studied in the musical school after Sayat-Nova.  During 1992-1997 years he studied in the class of Hovhannes Badalyan, the department of folk song at Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas.He has had concert tours in many countries of the world and participated in various contest-festivals and concerts, winning many prizes and credentials.
To our strong conviction Hamlet Gevorgyan is an accomplished singer-artist. Although a singer, who first of all respects himself and especially his nation, hasn’t the right of making up with the market or reconciling with its demands, level and imaginary test… Hamlet Gevorgyan is one of the singers, who doesn’t put up with market demands. He is faithful and devoted to national roots and bounded up with true sources and traditions of the Armenian song. Hamlet tries to perform and present to the attention of audience just the pure song, we would say “in original” – there is no doubt he applies his unique high-quality performance, interpretation, image and manner. A singer seeks for a song, but the song finds a singer. There are many songs in his repertoire that have found their singer. Hamlet manages to take the audience into the inward of the song, thus making the listener to feel and live with the song, sometimes finding himself in the song as if it sings about his own story.
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